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These pages give you information on the 2347 species recorded so far in Northern Ireland including distribution maps. There will be gaps in the list, for example the Myxomycetes, but these records however should be on the British Mycological Society Database. If you have records for Northern Ireland that are not shown here, please use the online recording form or print out the recording sheet and send to me on the address given. There are, in addition to these 2347 species, another 100+ species for which we don't know what the name used (often in the 1800's) refers to now. Maybe these species are good species in their own right, but they are not on the GB Checklist. Click here to see these names and please help if you can. 

To select a species, click either the first letter of the species on the alphabet above and then pick its name from the list on the left or open one of the taxonomic trees on the right and then pick the species from the tree on the left. The tree may take a few seconds to load so please be patient. 

There are distribution maps for all species recorded in Northern Ireland. If the map is blank, it is because there was no grid reference given for that record e.g.. the site was "Northern Ireland". These records are mainly from the 19th century. You can also download the NI species list here. This is a comma delimitated text file with species name with its phylum, class, order, family. DOWNLOAD

The species names and taxonomy come from the GB Checklist maintained as part of the BMS database. Many synonyms and common names are also included. When  a common name starts with "The", this is ignored in the list, e.g., "The Prince" is listed under "P". 

Lichens are classified by their fungal component which is usually an Ascomycete. There are some basidiomycete lichenised fungi for instance the genus Omphalina. With the exception of this genus, lichens are however not included in this atlas. 

As most of these pages were generated automatically, there may be errors in them and if you spot any, please contact me at

All maps are created using DMap. The circles represent 10km squares. The solid circles represent records post 1990, the empty circles, pre 1990.

If you would like to know more about the vascular plants of Northern Ireland thus getting an idea of the distribution of a species that might be affecting the distribution of a fungus you are interested in, have a look at the Flora of N.Ireland website.

Thank you to Bernard Picton of the Ulster Museum for helping the automatic routines that created the species pages and distribution maps.